"New Monobikash Kendra' is a well known psychiatric clinic, which is also a private clinic in the area of 24 pgs(N) , Kolkata.The clinic is located at “Madhyam gram”. The goal of New Monobikash Kendra is to provide mental health care with the help  of professionals like Psychologist Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist Doctor & Psychologist.

New Monobikash Kendra” offers a tranquil therapeutic environment, professional and caring staff and a dedicated focus on recovery, restoration and personal transformation. Our facilities and programs offer our patients a level of professional service and care which ranks among the very best in the world. .
  Indoor arrangement for treatment :80 Beds [cabin (AC & NON AC) , special bed , general bed  along with all attachment , medical equipments  , all modern medical amenities & imported new generation medical equipments.

highlights & specialities : mentally retarded patients .neuro – psychiatic disorder drug deaddiction.
    Phone : 9681162570/9830062554/9836007012

Email : newmonobikashkendra@gmail.com