Indoor arrangement for treatment : 80 beds[ cabin (AC & Non AC) , special bed , general bed along with all attachment , medical equipments , all modern medical amenities & imported new generation medical equipments.

Highlights & specialities : mentally retarded patients,neuro – psychiatric disorder, drug deaddiction

Panel of doctors : all reputed neuro & neuro psychiatrists will grace the board.

Pathological back up : own set up of centre for all sorts of pathological investigations.
  Counseling : This is a therapy, one -to -one interaction process. Therapeutic goal is to give relief from distressing feeling or to help to gain insight into the ailments.

Group Therapy: conducted with group of homogeneous nature, i.e. sufferers with the same distress, ex. Alcoholics. It is a supplement to individual therapy or a substitute for it. It is often applicable to people who are not severely distressed but who want to gain insight.

Music Therapy: music therapy conducted with large group to reveal pent up emotions or to make cool severely raged persons. It is a form of group therapy.

Indoor & Outdoor game: There are many types of games materials. In indoor, it is, carom, ludo,chess,playing cards,bagadule etc. in outdoor, it is badminton; cricket etc. games could engage the persons, as such, no distressing feeling could occupy their thinking.

Gardening: it is one type of outdoor activity. It enhances the basic skills of patients who lost those skills & who need to engage with organized actions.